American Legion Post 642 (Stevens Creek) Cupertino, California

Post History


The main force behind Stevens Creek Post 642 is Wally Johnson, a Korean veteran who founded the group in 1959. 

Johnson, who was initially a member at Sunnyvale's Post 344, moved from Sunnyvale to Cupertino and decided to start a post closer to his neighborhood. Johnson, then only 21 years old, gathered up friends and sent them out to recruit other veterans in the area.

Year after year since 1959, Post 642 had been raising money to help those in need during the holidays, sponsoring Boy Scout troops and local teams in the Legion's youth baseball league and regularly spending time with residents confined to the Palo Alto VA Hospital. The Post recently raised $6,000 for electronic bingo equipment for the VA, where Post members assist blind veterans play the game. At the height of the Post, there were more than 200 members and there also was an American Legion Auxiliary as part of the Post.

On August 10, 2020, Stevens Creek Post 642 celebrated it's 60th year as a community service organization.


We currently have 66 members and are involved in helping our community and Veterans on an ongoing basis.